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2021 Agenda

The Movement is focused on making Florida’s children, especially in their early years, a top priority in our state. We do this by working to promote smart investments and helpful resources for their health, education and care. Here are the steps we hope to take this year. Download a PDF of our Agenda by clicking the image below.


A Strong Start #ForFloridaChildren

The Children’s Movement of Florida insists on a strong start for all our children. We know young children need these basics to thrive: supportive parents and caregivers, stimulating early learning environments, and good health care—including early identification and intervention for developmental delays and disabilities. Our legislative priorities for 2021 also reflect a growing appreciation that if we want young children to thrive, we must address the needs of the adults who care for them, too. The pandemic economy underscores how important it is to support parents if we want to promote equity and maximize early investments.


  • Adequately fund Florida’s VPK and School Readiness programs so that high-quality early learning is affordable for Florida families.
  • Strengthen VPK standards that lead to real quality, valuing positive teacher-child interactions and social-emotional growth alongside early literacy development.
  • Minimize learning loss by ensuring pandemic recovery funds for child care are allocated equitably and targeted to the needs of families across the state.


  • Get mothers and babies off to a strong start by ensuring prenatal health care for all, extending maternal Medicaid coverage for 12 months postpartum.
  • Increase health care access for children by streamlining KidCare enrollment and increasing outreach efforts.


  • Ensure access to information and resources about developmental milestones and high-quality early learning opportunities.
  • Help families be financially independent with policies that do not trigger abrupt cuts in child care and family benefits when parents get a raise. We want people to make more money knowing they won’t suffer a net loss of income due to benefit loss.