Michelle Flores

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Michelle Flores

Public Ally

Michelle Flores earned her Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Psychology and Interdisciplinary Studies with a minor in Religious Studies from Florida International University. She believes it is important to understand the influence religion has on an individual’s emotional needs. Also, she achieved a certification in Holocaust & Genocide Studies, where she learned about the structure of genocide through race & ethnicity, religion, gender, socioeconomic status, and the infringements of human rights.

During her undergraduate degree, Michelle helped many people of different paths. As part of the Millennium Fellowship Cohort 2019, started by the United Nations, she worked with several departments to collect and serve supplies to children with non-verbal Autism and other learning disabilities. As a global medallion student, she had the opportunity of being an English tutor for women in countries affected by crises. Also, she volunteered as a scribe & reader at her university’s disability resource center.

Michelle Flores dedicates her life in helping others overcome adversary by sharing her knowledge and services. She understands that everybody faces their own challenges and require assistance based on their specific needs and limitations. It is for this reason that she continues to find ways to give back to her community.

In her free time, Michelle likes to spend time with her family, listen to music, and meditate.

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