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Florida CEOs Supporting Kindergarten Readiness

The Florida Chamber of Commerce has identified “100% kindergarten readiness” as one of the goals we must meet to ensure Florida’s prosperous economic future. We know high-quality early learning is an important piece of this work, but business also plays a vital in the early childhood conversation because bosses have a direct impact on the adults most important for a young child: their parents.

Investing in young children and their parents contributes to the productivity and strength of the workforce of today, and sets the workforce of tomorrow up for a strong start.

We invite CEOs who wish to take action to support kindergarten readiness in Florida to join our Bosses for Babies campaign. We are building a coalition of business leaders who are committed to investing in early childhood and offering family-friendly workplaces—understanding that this is an investment in their bottom line and community-level prosperity. Not to mention contributing to kindergarten readiness!

Make a commitment—big or small—and sign up today.

  • Start the conversation. Ask employees about their families and their childcare choices; listen. Be vocal when you are prioritizing family so others know it’s part of your culture.
  • Give or volunteer. Support an early learning center in your neighborhood. Sponsor an event in your community promoting early literacy, children’s health, or supporting parents of young children.
  • Share information and resources. Host an internal lunch & learn on the importance of the early years. Make information and resources available for employees. Talk to other business leaders about why everyone wins when we support families.
  • Update policies. Develop or strengthen family-friendly policies—written in the employee handbook. Whether a change includes flexible hours or shifts, remote work options, child care subsidies, or paid family leave, this investment in your employees strengthens workforce productivity and your bottom line.
  • Advocate. Join the Florida Chamber’s Business Alliance for Early Learning. With a critical mass of members, this group can speak with a strong voice in Tallahassee.
Sign up today!

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Business leaders know we need to do better.

The latest data shows Florida’s kindergarten readiness rate sitting at 53%. This means nearly 90,000 children entering the K-12 system are deemed “unready,” and already falling behind at a critical time in their learning and development. Research tells us it’s difficult to catch up, so we need to do a better job of supporting children and families in the early years.

The Chamber tracks this data on the Florida Scorecard and hosts the Business Alliance for Early Learning so business leaders can speak together with a strong voice for young children.