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Now that you’ve joined our movement, please explore our resource library. You’ll find prewritten social media posts, printable parenting tip PDFs, and infographics about early childhood.

Thank you for helping us spread the message of why early childhood is so important!

Child Bending over to look at a sprinkler

Social Media Posts

Want to spread the message about the importance of the early years? We’ve designed social media posts for you!

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Hear about the impact of our advocacy work straight from the parents who benefit from the services we've fought to keep in Florida.

Spend time cuddling and holding your baby. This will help him feel cares for and secure.


Explore our content in English and en Español. It's always helpful to have a beautiful infographic on hand to share with your friends.

Child reading Dr. Seuss book.

Check Out Stats, Studies, and Sources!

We want you to access the stats, studies, and sources we use. Check out online tips for parents and find out about the state of early ed in Florida!

Encourage toddlers' growing independence by letting them help with dressing and feeding themselves.

Brain Building!

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