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You’ll find prewritten social media posts, printable parenting tip PDFs, and infographics about early childhood below. Thank you for helping us spread the message of why early childhood is so important!

Social Media Posts

Want to spread the message about the importance of the early years? We’ve designed social media posts for you! Be sure to tag us @ChildMovementFL and with the #ForFloridaChildren hashtag.

Did You Know?

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#DidYouKnow that elevated #curiosity is linked to higher math and #literacy skills among kindergarteners?

“The curious mind engages processes and brain regions associated with anticipating a reward. We want to learn more because the answers are satisfying. In addition, the hippocampus, a memory hub, ramps up activity, preparing to store information. The more we want to know an answer, research suggests, the more memorable it becomes.” #ForFloridaChildren!



#DidYouKnow that time spent reading together with your child during their preschool years leads to higher reading achievement in elementary school, as well as greater enthusiasm for reading and learning.

Recommend a great children’s book below #ForFloridaChildren!


#DidYouKnow that a hug encourages bonding by increasing the levels of oxytocin in the body. There are many benefits from hugging #ForFloridaChildren! Here are our favorites:

• Elevates mood
• Increases empathy & understanding
• Relaxes the body
• Boosts immune system

How have hugs helped your child deal with a tough situation?

#DidYouKnow that Florida spends less than $2,300 per child per year on a pre-K student, but spends more than $54,000 per child per year to incarcerate a juvenile.

Expanding early learning initiatives would provide benefits to society of roughly $8.60 for every $1 spent. #PayNoworPayLater

Want to know what we are doing to close this gap? Click the link below:

#DidYouKnow that kids who play with literacy materials, like pretending to read to stuffed animals, have better language abilities in Kindergarten. #ForFloridaChildren


Source from @geniusofplay



#DidYouKnow that as of April 2018, more than 253,000 Florida children did not have health insurance — the ninth largest number in the nation. This means they did not receive adequate care and could not seek prompt treatment when they were ill.

We want to ensure that programs such as Help Me Grow, Early Steps, and Child Find are readily available to all parents in Florida who need access to information and resources to care for their children.

Be part of the movement #ForFloridaChildren!

About Us

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Our focus is on making Florida’s #children, especially in their early years, the number one priority for state #investment. We do this by working to promote their #health, #education and #care. #ForFloridaChildren

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We are committed to promoting awareness and systems-level change #ForFloridaChildren:

• To have access to high-quality education that sparks their early brain development.
• To receive the health and developmental screenings and early intervention they need to reach their full potential.
• To be surrounded by caring and responsive adults who can help them grow up healthy and ready to learn by kindergarten.

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All Florida Children are our priority!
1. The first three years of children’s lives lay the foundation for their lifelong learning abilities.

2. When children are healthy, they are ready to learn, but more than 250,000 Florida children do not have health insurance. #ForFloridaChildren

3. The key to a child’s healthy development and future success is having responsive and caring adults around them.

Learn more by clicking the link below:

All Florida children are our priority! We are currently working on:
• Improving Florida’s voluntary pre-K program.
• Supporting high-quality parent skill-building systems.
• Securing health insurance for all children.
• Ensuring screening and treatment for all children who may have special needs.
• Providing high-quality mentoring programs.

Want to learn how you can help too? Click the link below:


We want to ensure that all children in Florida have access to insurance to receive quality health care.

Our goal is to address the thousands of children who are eligible for the state-subsidized School Readiness program, but are on the waiting list because it doesn’t have enough funding.

We want to expand @helpmegrow, a free parent resource program to address children’s development and behavioral needs, to all 67 counties.

Want to learn how you can be part of #TheMovement? Click the link below:


#TheMovement is focused on three pillars of early childhood. We achieve impact at the local level by educating and empowering Floridians on the importance of the early years, and at the state level by encouraging elected officials to think of children when they vote for systems-level change. #ForFloridaChildren!




Infographics about Early Childhood

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I believe what’s good for babies is also good for business! Repost if you also want the best #ForFloridaChildren. @ChildMovementFL

Download image to share on social media with this hashtag:

I believe what’s good for babies is also good for business! Repost if you also want the best #ForFloridaChildren. @ChildMovementFL

Infographics about The Movement

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