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The Movement helped bring the KidCare Coalition to Brevard

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We’d like to share an example of how The Movement works with local partners to convene community members and spread the message of the importance of the early years. This article comes from Gerrit Van Lent, Outreach and Engagement Coordinator for Central Florida. 

KidCare Coalitions

Florida’s regional KidCare Coalitions are comprised of community members representing state and local agencies, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, healthcare providers, businesses, faith-based organizations and other community-oriented entities. These coalitions exist to conduct community outreach aimed at enrolling more kids into Florida’s KidCare insurance program.

Brevard Needed a Coalition Coordinator

Prior to fall 2018, the KidCare Coalition in Brevard county was at a standstill. With no full-time outreach coordinator dedicated to spreading the message and little resources, the future of the coalition was uncertain.

The Children’s Movement of Florida learned about the situation through its regional advisory board, which includes Liz Lee, VP of Community Impact for the United Way of Brevard. The Movement was advised that we could make a difference by convening community partners and KidCare representatives to move the Coalition forward.

How We Helped

We contacted stakeholders like Florida Covering Kids and Families at the University of South Florida, The Space Coast Health Foundation, Healthy Start Coalition of Brevard, The Early Learning Coalition of Brevard, and the United Way of Brevard. All stakeholders were enthusiastic about meeting, and representatives from Florida Covering Kids and Families drove across the state to Rockledge for the opportunity to discuss the revitalization of the KidCare Coalition.

During the meeting, Liz Lee of the United Way of Brevard announced that they developed a partnership with Career Source Brevard to fund a full time KidCare Outreach Coordinator to provide robust community awareness for affordable children’s health insurance. Their efforts are now underway in the region.

The Movement looks forward to supporting the KidCare Coalition in Brevard with the guidance of our Advisors, who are our eyes and ears in local Florida communities.

About the Author:

Gerrit Van Lent is The Movement’s Outreach and Engagement Coordinator for Central Florida.