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This week’s early childhood headlines: January 17, 2020

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In the spirit of educating and advocating for our children, The Children’s Movement of Florida presents Worth Reading Weekly. Delivered every Friday, this newsletter gathers the top Florida headlines about early childhood education, parenting, and healthcare so it’s easy for you to stay informed.

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Unusual Flu Virus is Hitting Children Hard, and This Season’s Vaccine is a Poor Match

From The Washington Post: “The CDC recommends a flu vaccine for everyone 6 months or older as soon as possible. The body takes about two weeks to produce a full immune response.”


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The Most Powerful Family Ritual? The Bedtime Story


From Red Tricycle: “To have this loving ritual repeated night after night promotes an unconditional love that protects our little ones from the inevitable feelings of vulnerability that define the human experience.”

Even With Insurance, It Costs $4,500 To Have A Baby In The U.S.

From HuffPost: “It’s difficult even for me as a clinician and as somebody who does research in this space to understand and to be able to obtain health care costs.”

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OPINION: If It’s Bad for Child Care, It’s Bad for the U.S. Economy

From The Hechinger Report: “Businesses nationwide lose more than $4.4 billion a year due to employee absences resulting from breakdowns in child care arrangements.”



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Some Toddlers are Chronically Absent From Preschool. A Text Message Can Help

From Quartz: “A missed day of school is a missed opportunity for learning.”



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American Girl Introduces Doll With Disability

From Disability Scoop: “We hope Joss’s story will help broaden understanding and respect for people’s differences, as well as spark conversations around the topic of hearing loss.”