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This week’s early childhood headlines: July 3, 2020

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A recap of the week’s early childhood headlines: 

In the spirit of educating and advocating for our children, The Children’s Movement of Florida presents Worth Reading Weekly. Delivered every Friday, this newsletter gathers the top Florida headlines about early childhood education, parenting, and healthcare so it’s easy for you to stay informed. 

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How Parents Can Help a Child With Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

From The Milford Daily News: “Respond calmly. Parents who are calm reduce the tendency for children with PTSD to overreact with emotions or behavior.”

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More Than 7,000 Kids Have Tested Positive For Coronavirus in Florida. 12 Have MIS-C

From Miami Herald: “The numbers are a stark reminder that kids and young adults are not immune to the disease.”

‘A Threat To Our Children.’ How Racism Can Affect a Child’s Mental and Physical Health

From The Modesto Bee: “For Black and brown children in the United States, racism begins before they are born, and impacts their physical, mental and educational health for their entire lives, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.”

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From Tie-Dye Milk To Turning Juice to Popsicles, Fun Activities Can Help Prevent ‘Summer Slide’

From Fox 6: “Another great thing is reading aloud together as a family, or even making a scrapbook of your summer memories gets them working on literacy skills and writing.”

How to Raise an Anti-Racist Kid

From The New York Times: “Parents use books to teach about love or kindness or to potty train. Why not do the same for teaching our kids to be anti-racist.”

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Our Future Depends Upon Caring For The Early Educators

From The Hill: “As people go back to work, our future depends upon caring for the early educators who care for our children — and ensuring they are well-prepared, qualified, and better compensated.”

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Building Kids’ Resilience Through Play Is More Crucial Than Ever

From Scientific American: “Play provides an opportunity to build social (communication and collaboration), emotional (resilience and self-regulation) and physical (fine and gross motor) skills, as well as cognitive ones.”

When Both Parents Are On The Front Lines, Who’s Taking Care Of The Kids?

From The Hechinger Report: “The reality is Covid-19 will be with us for a long time, and providers will be unlikely to reach their pre-Covid capacity levels any time soon.”

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Jeff Vinik Invests $3 Million on Early Learning Research in Hillsborough County

From Tampa Bay Times: “The investment is part of a growing business recognition that improving education for preschoolers helps build a more talented and prepared workforce.”