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This week’s early childhood headlines: November 8, 2019

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In the spirit of educating and advocating for our children, The Children’s Movement of Florida presents Worth Reading Weekly. Delivered every Friday, this newsletter gathers the top Florida headlines about early childhood education, parenting, and healthcare so it’s easy for you to stay informed.

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Number of Uninsured Children in Florida Rises

From Sarasota Herald-Tribune: “In just two years, the rate of uninsured Florida children jumped by 18% and earned the state an overall ranking of 45 in the latest Children’s Health Care Report Card.”

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Bedtime Stories: The Key to a Better Night’s Sleep for Both Kids and Parents

From Brightly: “Reading gives kids a time for physical closeness with parents, which serves as a sort of emotional security check-in. It gives older kids an opportunity to soften their defenses and talk about things that might be troubling them.”

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Boost State Funding for Early Learning

From The Star – Port St. Joe: “The Legislature, for its part, could and should do two things: Increase total funding; create effective partnerships between the state and communities to evaluate and improve child-care and pre-K programs.”

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What Happens After Preschool Matters for Sustaining the Preschool Boost

From Brookins Institute: “The preschool boost is more likely to last if children transition into early elementary schools that are higher quality and more poised to build on their stronger skills.”

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Tylenol Use During Pregnancy Linked To Higher Rate Of Autism

From Disability Scoop: “I would say this is more convincing than previous research that there is a connection between acetaminophen and autism. It suggests we should be thinking about this more as a possible causal risk factor.”