About Us

We advocate for the policies and investments that help each child in Florida thrive in their first five years.

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We amplify the voices of parents and educators, engage elected officials, and highlight the role of business leaders.

Who We Are 

We are catalysts for people who care deeply about the well-being and success of Florida's young children and their families. We are connectors who bring people together, educating and empowering them to take action.

Our diverse, multi-generational team is creative, collaborative, and committed to developing strong relationships across all of our initiatives. We share a commitment to growth and development. We honor our word and each of our contributions.  

Together, we illuminate the hidden power of all children reaching their full potential—for their own success in life, for the strength of our communities, and for the muscle of our workforce and economy.

We advocate for the policies and investments that help each child in Florida thrive in their first five years: amplifying the voices of parents and educators; engaging elected officials; and highlighting the role of business leaders.

We are champions who inspire others to keep young children and families at the center:

  • We elevate the importance of the early years and the adults who help shape children’s lives.
  • We create meaningful experiences for mentors to support young readers through third grade.
  • We invite agencies, employers and allies to explore new approaches to supporting all kinds of families.

We promise to embrace the challenge to make Florida the family-friendliest state in the nation—the best place for young children to live and to thrive.

We are Florida’s leading voice on early childhood.

I Am Florida

Children are our future and we can make the biggest difference for them in the first five years.

What We Do

We achieve impact at the local level by educating and empowering Floridians on the importance of the early years, and at the state level by encouraging elected officials to think of children when they vote. Here are a few of  the initiatives we are working on.

  • Improving Florida’s voluntary pre-K and early learning programs.
  • Supporting high-quality parent skill-building systems.
  • Securing health insurance for all children.
  • Ensuring screening and treatment for all children who may have disabilities.
  • Providing high-quality mentoring programs.
  • Bringing more Floridians into our early childhood policy conversations.
  • Promoting family-focused policies and practices in the workplace.

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