a strong start for All Florida Children

 We are a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) movement of Floridians insisting on increased investment in the first five years for all our children.

What We Do

Our advocacy work in local Florida communities and in Tallahassee focuses on three pillars of early childhood. Click through to learn more about why these issues are important and how we work to promote health, education and care for Florida’s children.


We must insure all of Florida’s children. More than 253,000 Florida Children do not have health insurance.

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Florida ranks 42 in the nation in pupil funding for voluntary pre-kindergarten programs, and covers only three hours of class per day.

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Great parents are built, not made. Florida needs to support its parents with the most reliable information possible so they can raise healthy, happy children.

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What's in the News

Quality Time Doesn’t Have To Cost a Thing

September 19, 2018
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Setting School Culture With Social And Emotional Learning Routines

September 19, 2018
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How Supportive Parenting Protects the Brain

September 18, 2018
From The Atlantic: “Pediatricians are trying to gently shape child-rearing styles so that kids living in poverty have a chance to succeed. ” Read the full article here. View more articles here. Read More

Parents Ask How To Get a Child To Potty Train

September 18, 2018
From The Washington Post: “Seek the good counsel of your pediatrician if you think something is afoot. There are bowel problems, etc., that contribute to issues with using the toilet.”... Read More