a strong start for All Florida Children

 We are a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) movement of Floridians advocating for high-quality early learning opportunities, access to children’s health care, and parent support programs in Florida.

What We Do

Our advocacy work in local Florida communities and in Tallahassee focuses on three pillars of early childhood. Click through to learn more about why these issues are important and how we work to promote health, education and care for Florida’s children.


We must insure all of Florida’s children. More than 325,000 Florida Children do not have health insurance.

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Florida ranks 42 in the nation in pupil funding for voluntary pre-kindergarten programs, and covers only three hours of class per day.

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Great parents are built, not made. Florida needs to support its parents with the most reliable information possible so they can raise healthy, happy children.

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What's in the News

Welcoming Older Adults into the Head Start Classroom

February 21, 2019
From Medium: “Encourage volunteers to share their skills and hobbies. Invite volunteers to connect their lives to children’s interest and your curriculum.” Read the full article here. View more articles here. Read More

Barbie Aims For Inclusion as Mattel Unveils Doll Who Uses Wheelchair And One With a Prosthetic Limb

February 21, 2019
From Good Morning America: “Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is a critical component of our design process and we are proud that today’s kids will know a different image... Read More

Mayors Urge Ron DeSantis to Prioritize Early Learning

February 21, 2019
From Florida Politics: “Mayors from across the state are urging Gov. Ron DeSantis to double down on early childhood education so the state’s generation-in-waiting can achieve higher high school graduation... Read More

Investing In Our Children Now Will Save The State Later

February 20, 2019
From NonDoc: “While expensive, the benefits of the best early child care dwarf those of any subsequent interventions.” Read the full article here. View more articles here. Read More