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When businesses support families, everyone wins

Bosses for Babies is a statewide initiative of The Children’s Movement of Florida, designed to engage business leaders in boosting their workforce and contributing to community prosperity through family-focused practices.

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As the workforce is increasingly demanding flexibility, purpose, and impact from their lives and jobs, Bosses for Babies connects Florida business leaders who champion family-focused practices in their communities.

When working parents are supported, employers reap the benefits of increased loyalty and productivity and decreased turnover costs. They can attract and retain the best talent and see the results in the bottom line.

Family-focused practices decrease employee stress and enhance well-being--allowing parents the time and space they need to support their children’s development. This increases the economic security of families across the community and supports rising kindergarten readiness rates. 

Giving back in support of early learning contributes to greater kindergarten readiness rates that translate to better life and health outcomes for children and lower crime rates in the community. 

Business leaders know we need to do better

The latest data shows Florida’s kindergarten readiness rate sitting at 50%. This means nearly 90,000 children entering the K-12 system are deemed “unready,” and already falling behind at a critical time in their learning and development. Research tells us it’s difficult to catch up, so we need to do a better job of supporting children and families in the early years.

The Florida Chamber Foundation tracks this data on the Florida Scorecard and recently released new data showing that Florida's economy loses nearly $5.4 billion annually due to child care issues for working parents

We invite agencies, employers and allies to explore new approaches to supporting all kinds of families. 

For Employers: Guide to Family-Friendly Workplaces in Florida

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How to Get Involved


Start the conversation. Be vocal when you are prioritizing family, so others know it’s part of your culture. Ask employees about their families and their child care choices; listen.

Share community resources. Make information and resources available for parents, caregivers, or grandparents in your organization. Host an internal lunch & learn on early childhood.


Use your voice to elevate these issues in your community and influence decisions in Tallahassee. You can also join the Florida Chamber’s Business Alliance for Early Learning to engage with a network that cares about the link between early learning and Florida’s future.

Give Back

Support an early learning center in your neighborhood. Sponsor an event in your community promoting early literacy, children’s health, or support for parents of young children.


When Businesses Support Families, Everyone Wins

When Businesses Support Families, Everyone Wins

Untapped Potential in FL: How Childcare Impacts Florida's Workforce Productivity and the State's Economy (Source: Florida Chamber Foundation)

Untapped Potential in FL: How Childcare Impacts Florida's Workforce Productivity and the State's Economy

The Florida Chamber Foundation, in partnership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, is bringing light to the impact Florida’s childcare crisis has on early learning, workforce productivity, and our economy.
2020 Working Parent Survey cover image

2020 Working Parent Survey: Key Findings

Our 2020 Florida Working Parent Survey found that family-friendly policies are an easy way to attract and retain the best and brightest talent and diversify your workforce.

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