Heidi A. Travis

Manager, Communications


Heidi is a freelance writer with Ballinger Publishing in Pensacola, Florida and has had her work published in several their magazines including Pensacola Magazine, Downtown Crowd, Business Climate, Coming of Age, Rosemary Thymes, and Be Moved.

She served for ten years as an ESOL teaching assistant, worked as a library media clerk, and as Educational Support Personnel for the Escambia County School District.

Prior to this, she was a PR assistant and a children’s library assistant for the Pensacola Public Library (formerly West Florida Regional Library). She ran the Children’s Story Time program and created promotional materials for all other programs within the department.

Heidi considers herself a non-traditional student. She is a senior at the University of West Florida, currently completing a B.A. in English/Creative Writing and a certificate in Technical Writing.

Heidi is a bilingual, Peruvian-American who loves music from around the world and has a passion analyzing literature. Having been raised by a geologist and naturalist, she also has a deep respect for the natural world and simply adores animals of all sorts. Additionally, she is a child at heart who enjoys gaming, animation, and is a fervent soccer fanatic.