Sarah Sicheri

Sarah Sicheri

Intern, Outreach & Communications

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Sarah Sicheri is a senior at the University of Florida, obtaining her Bachelor's in Education Sciences with specializations in Early Childhood Education and Schools, Society, and Policy. 

Growing up in Central Florida as the youngest child, Sarah had little first-hand knowledge or experience on the importance of early childhood education for most of her life. Coming into high school, she became involved with her school’s Education Academy, for students interested in becoming educators or working in the field, and unexpectedly fell head over heels for education.
There, she learned about the critical nature of early intervention and additional supports for children and families. Soon after, her work in daycares and VBS camps would solidify her lovefor work that benefits the lives of children.

Sarah was formerly the state president of the Florida Future Educators of America program, which serves as a forum for primarily high school students to become aware of career opportunities in education and nurture their interest in the teaching profession.
Her core values have always involved service to others, with much of her life having been devoted to helping others, especially with local school volunteer work back home. With passions in early childhood, advocacy, and educational equity, especially within Florida, Sarah hopes to one day work in the field of education advocacy in some way.

Sarah is heavily involved with on-campus ministry work and works as a Student Ambassador and Front Desk Assistant for the College of Education at the University of Florida. In her free time, she loves spending time in nature, exercising, and listening to new music.