Bosses for Babies

How This Boss Makes an Impact for Children in Florida

The Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center advances the rights of girls and elevates justice reform, gender equity and system accountability through research based community solutions, and bold policy- all with a girl-centered approach. The Policy Center’s motto is “See the Girl”, which means, to see girls for their true potential, not present circumstances. Centering the lived experiences of girls in all aspects of our work, that motto applies to staff as well. Policy Center leadership is committed to “seeing”, respecting and supporting the full lived experiences of team members. The Baby at Work policy allows parents to bring their babies to work with them until the age of 6 months. Paid leave, health benefits, employee emergency assistance funds, and flexible schedules support employees while dealing with stressful demands that often come with simultaneously balancing work, home, family and health concerns.


Vicky is the President and CEO of the Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center. She has extensive experience meeting needs of communities through the development of innovative programs and community engagement models. Previously, she worked as the Director of Family Preservation at Family Support Services of Northeast Florida (FSS) and the Director of Project Safe at Vanderbilt University. In March 0f 2013, she joined the Policy Center, from FSS. Vicky previously served as Senior Vice President for the Policy Center, responsible for the growth of the Continuity of Care Model, and implementing the Open Doors Model Program on the First Coast working closely with Voices for Florida. She is a recognized and accomplished non-profit executive with more than 20 years of experience in the vast array of nonprofit leadership roles. Vicky has developed multiple programs including the first advocacy program to provide services victims/survivors of intimate violence, sexual assault and stalking on Vanderbilt University’s Campus. A passionate advocate for gender equality, and girls’ rights, Vicky is a sought-after trainer, thought leader, and architect of change. She has contributed to a number of research studies analyzing the impact of trauma on girls and young women and is a frequent contributor to news media on issues related to commercial sexual exploitation, diversity and women’s leadership and the impact of trauma on girls and young women. Vicky holds an MSW from the University of Tennessee and is presently pursuing a Doctorate in Social Work from the University of Tennessee.