Listening Tour Findings & Next Steps

The Future Call

Friday, March 17, 2023

It has been an exciting ten months since the launch of The Future Project.

Phase one of the project was our listening tour: We connected with 203 parents, 153 educators, and traveled to 22 different Florida counties, hosting 40 conversations about hopes and dreams for our children and our early learning system.

Now in phrase two, we have assembled a steering committee of parents, educators, advocates, and professionals. This group is taking all that we heard from you and drafting strategic plans that pave the way on our roadmap.

We are now preparing to move into phase three: Taking our draft roadmap through the state for feedback. Before we do we’d like to share our listening tour findings with you.

Join us to hear some of the insights from our listening tour. We'll also discuss opportunities to get involved and share your feedback in phase three.

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