Alexa Hommen

Intern, Outreach & Communications

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Alexa Hommen is a second year undergraduate student at Williams College in Massachusetts, majoring in History with a minor in Environmental Sciences. She is deeply interested in the early stages of children's lives, education, mental health, and the broader Floridian community.

Originally from Miami, Alexa is passionate about contributing to the well-being and development of children, caretakers, and educational figures in her home state. Her academic pursuits reflect a commitment to understanding the historical and environmental factors that shape communities, which she believes are crucial for creating effective and sustainable solutions for children's health and education.

Alexa has gained valuable experience through various community-focused initiatives and educational programs. At school in Massachusetts, Alexa is an assistant teacher at the local elementary school and an active member of the Center for Learning in Action (cLiA). She has always enjoyed tutoring and babysitting children in Miami and getting involved in the Berkshire Doula Project to support mothers in Massachusetts. Her involvement in these areas has fueled her dedication to making a positive impact on children's mental health and educational outcomes.

In her free time, Alexa enjoys spending time in nature, both in the Berkshire Mountains of Williamstown and Biscayne Bay in Miami. She loves learning languages, playing water polo, reading, writing original songs, and dancing on her school’s Latinx Dance Team.